Blogging U Courses

Not sure if any of you read the Daily Post today but the Blogging U courses are going to On Demand now.  This is actually really great news as the article points out because now you don’t have to worry about the classes filling up or the class you are looking for isn’t offered.  However, by having On Demand classes now they will not have a commons for each of the classes you take, which makes sense but I feel that was one of the best parts of the classes.  You could then meet people taking a class at the same time but more importantly, you could have a place to share your struggles and get feedback from others.

Then it hit me…  We can host some courses here at scheduled time or just have a place for people to come as the commons used to be.  It seems like a perfect fit for this community as the community was started from Blogging U Courses and most of you joined because you liked the community aspect that the Blogging U Courses brought in addition to the daily tasks.  At this time, I don’t have all of the details figured out about how it can be executed on the Blogging Meetup but it will probably revolve around using tags.

Now my favor of the day is to get some high-level feedback from the community about your thoughts and more specifically the following (leave your answer in the comments below):

  1. Do you think you would be interesting in taking any of the On Demand courses?  
  2. Even though you can take the On Demand courses at any time, would you like some scheduled events on the Blogging Meetup to take some of the specific courses so you know more people would be following along?