Wednesday Weekly Prompts 5/11/16

Hi everyone, it’s another Wednesday and you know what that means!!!!


Let’s just get into it shall we?? Here are this week’s prompts to help you if you’ve got a bit of writer’s block or need inspiration 🙂

  1. Dear me – Write a letter to yourself that you hope to read in the future.. What do you want to remember about now? The happy moments, the sad ones… the moments where you conquered… moments of strength… moments of truth… write it all!
  2. Friendship – Old or new… dwindled or still going strong… write about that friend.. your friend..or maybe even someone you want to be your friend.
  3. Muse – who is your muse? what is your muse? Tell us about him/her or it, we would like to know!

Tell us in a poem.. tell us in a story… in a rant maybe?? Just make sure you let your words lead you.

Make sure you link to your post on your blog in the comments and use #wednesdayweeklyprompts so we can always find them in the Tag reader. You can also use the hashtag on twitter, make sure to tag @bloggingmeetup!