So here’s the situation. I…

So here’s the situation. I have switched over from to my new and improved site. The issue is when ever I do anything with #bloggingmeetup or #bloggingbranding or go through the reader, my link (unless I am able to change it) goes to my old site.

Even trying to reblog a great opportunity through I end up getting traffic on my old site, which I haven’t posted on since March. I would love that traffic to come to my new site.

I’ve contacted people to help, but can’t seem to figure it out. My solution was to send out one last post on my old site to hopefully get the few folks that follow to come find me at my new site. I am going to make my old site inactive by this Wednesday. Hopefully I will still be able to meet up with all of you! If you have another solution, I am all ears(eyes)…..