Welcome to the New Members from June

I really can’t believe that it is July already and I realized late last night that I didn’t post a list of the new Members from June.  Hope everyone has had a great week and I figured before everyone heads off into the weekend it was time to give a shout out to the new members of the Community.

@sarahbruso – https://prejudicepolitics.com
@mithriluna – https://mithriluna.wordpress.com
@hopeth90 – https://glitterandfury.wordpress.com
@bitesizewritings – https://www.bitesizewritings.wordpress.com
@justmegrami – https://justrobbielyn.wordpress.com
@thehorrificbug – https://thehorrificbug.wordpress.com
@papatrio – https://thepsyoflifeblog.wordpress.com/
@mydilemmasblog – http://www.mydilemmas.com
@withlovefromshannon – https://withlovefromshannon.wordpress.com
@rashidac – https://everydaylife8790.wordpress.com
@theimpaler1994 – https://ofmindsandmusic.wordpress.com
@melaniequalls – https://createdbyhimtoliveforhim.com
@miscellanyblog – https://miscellanyshop.wordpress.com
@eswonk – https://eswonk.wordpress.com
@kwesispeaks – https://kwesispeaks.wordpress.com
@angelicakidd – https://angelicakidd.wordpress.com
@teach4athome – https://goodbeautifulandtrue.wordpress.com/
@jumibum – https://slayersrus.wordpress.com
@kwesispeaks – https://kwesispeaks.wordpress.com
@mysticalwriter12 – https://mysticalwriterblog.wordpress.com
@rachellcuthbert – https://rachelsfwords.wordpress.com
@organizedeffort – https://OrganizedEffort.wordpress.com
@emanzabi – http://getlost.live
@sunkenthought – http://asunkenthought.wordpress.com
@eukaryote1989 – https://fourwheelsblog22.wordpress.com/
Just a reminder for those of you who haven’t already, check out the Bloggers Index page and post a link to your blog, with a SHORT description.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you do post something over the weekend be sure to share the link for the Community to check out #weekendwanderings