Do you proofread what you write?

As a former newspaper reporter, editor and ad copywriter and English teacher, I edit often and meticulously. I want everything I write to be grammatically correct and easy to read. As a reporter, I had editors combing my stories and handing them back often for correcting and/or rewriting. As an editor, I had to comb the stories of those who wrote for me. My boss in the ad agency was a perfectionist, not just for the grammar but for the style and tone of the ads I wrote for our clients.
All I learned hung with me. As a blogger, I make the effort to maintain the same writing and editing standards for my blog posts. I’ve edited this piece four times already. And I’ve been editing along as I write.
There’s a bit of a downside to this. As I’m reading other blog posts, I edit in my head. I can spot subject-verb agreement errors (the worst errors) from three paragraphs away.

I never call other writers out for their grammar guffaws; and I don’t correct any guest blogger’s writing.
Am I anal retentive about my writing? I suppose I am. But hopefully my posts will be relatively error free and written in a simple, friendly style readers enjoy.
Seriously, I’d like to read your feedback about your proofreading and editing habits.
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