My day – today – July 13

So, i’m not going to post this on my blog page but i just wanted to vent to you guys about my damn day today.

So my job is titled “Support Specialist” and basically what i do is… I work for a health system that is acquiring a lot of new facilities. I (me and my team) have to go to these facilities and and train them how to use the hospital EMR (for the description/definition of emr see below). Usually how it works is, during the first week, we provide full support (which means everybody is busy). During the second week, theres not so much to do, so we kinda just hang out in the area where the people who we are supporting are located just in case they had questions. Sometimes theres a third and fourth just in case, but not usually. So i’m currently at this site, its the second week and my colleagues and I are sitting in our designated area, chatting about actual work stuff (like we don’t have better things to talk about). One of the administrators of the department decides she wants to take pictures of us – because i guess she thought we were just hanging out not doing anything and not paying attention – WRONG !!!! cause i caught her, so i was very well paying attention to my surroundings at the very least.

So i dont make this too long and bore everyone. Im going to sum up the rest of it. 

So that was the first time. The second and third time was after lunch. One of my colleagues noticed that she was taking pictures of us and then about three minutes after that another colleague noticed she was still taking pictures of us. SO at the very minimum she has three pictures. So my colleagues and i decide to go report this to her superior, because thats harassment and you are making us uncomfortable. Her superior escalates it to her superior and she pulls us in an office to apologize and reassure us that she was going to reprimand her because she in fact did not have a directive from any of the physicians.

And then she tried to talk to me :side eye: who does she think she is. 

So that was my eventful day, this took place over about four of the eight hours i was there.

*EMR – electronic medical record- the software application usually used with healthcare practices to document patient information, such as demographics, medications, allergies and patient notes during visits or phone calls.