Thursday Daily Discussion

Happy Thursday!  So let’s talk about Challenges and Events today.

In general, what do you love about them?  What do they need to have to draw you in and make you want to participate?

What do you hate about them?  Is there a specific element that turns you off and away?

Are they over-done, under-done, or cooked?

As you can image, the BMU team are constantly trying to come up with engaging content to keep us talking to each other – all within our very limited theme.  Oh, we’ve had some awesome ideas – we just can’t execute them here in this theme unless, in some cases, we get some CSS help.  You see, no other theme supports Chat so we cannot lose that critical element to this community.

So we want to know – what gets you challenged to write?  As always, if you have an idea we want to hear it!


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