Who are you? What do you look like?

I read some posts on blogs now and again from writers who create screen names such as “Drippy Pen” or “Ned Novelwriter” or Writersblockhead” (I’m so sorry if one of these is your screen name. I wanted to create examples that were so silly no one would claim them. If I used yours I’m sorry.)

Now change it!

Some bloggers choose to identify themselves in their profile with an egghead avatar or a bland, blank silhouette.

To be honest, I rarely read an egghead’s post. If a blogger can’t take 15 seconds to slap a photo in their profile, how can Mr. Egghead expect me to take him seriously? Or how can Miss Silhouette think readers will really be interested in her writing if she hides behind a silhouette. I guess we could call her a real ghost writer then.
I had fun with my avatar and put a picture of me as a child, a high school senior, a hippy and the bald senior citizen I am now. I’m not advocating everyone get creative. But it would be nice to see who’s writing, then click on the avatar and learn something interesting or fun or real about you.

Have a Marvelous Monday everyone

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