Never suffer from writer’s block again. Ever!

I read posts occasionally from writers who claim to be suffering from what they call Writer’s Block. Isn’t that goofy? They’re writing about not having anything to say. Isn’t that writing?
I’ve written about writer’s block before in this space, but today I’m offering a permanent, guaranteed cure for writer’s block.
If you’ll do these two things consistently, you’ll crush that writer’s block demon forever.
1. Use a notebook
I keep a notebook right by my mouse pad. Sometimes I’ll be writing a post or an email and get an idea for another post, or something I need to do that day. My notebook is full of reminders, lists, notes-to-self, addresses, phone numbers, Bible quotes, passwords, emails, quotes, tweets, recipes and more. I don’t feel comfortable writing at my laptop without my trusted notebook at my fingertips as well. I can’t count the number of times I was thinking and praying about writing a blog post. I thumbed through my journal pages and found just what I was looking for: the inspiration for my next blog post.


2. Keep blog post drafts
As I write this I have 211 post drafts in my draft folder. Some drafts are completed posts, some are guest posts, some are posts with content and no title, some are posts with titles and no content, some are sketchy rough drafts, some are quotes I may use in future posts, some are just notes-to-self about a topic or subject I’d like to blog about later. When I’m needing inspiration for a blog post, I merely scroll through my drafts until something jumps off the page and becomes fodder for a new blog post.

Do these two things and you’ll never suffer from writer’s block again. Guaranteed.
Editor’s Note: If you still can’t think of anything to write about after you’ve flipped through your notebook and exhausted draft topics, you may have to concede that you don’t have something to say. (Remember the first rule of all writing is: have something to say.
Do you think this will help your writing?
I’d love to get your feedback on this one.

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