Creating an Energy Garden



Every emotion and feeling we have are energy. Pure and simple. You feel happy, that’s energy. You feel anger, sadness or scared, yep, that’s energy too. Each one has its own unique makeup and place. Place you ask?  We store these emotions in our bodies.

Close your eyes for a moment and pull up a feeling. Try joy. For me, it would be either the day I got married or had one of my children (before they grew into teenagers…now it is angst!) Feel that joy in your body. Make it big enough to make you smile, just like you felt when you experienced it. Now sense where you feel it in your body. Usually, happiness and joy are felt in your heart or chest area. Pride is another emotion felt there. You may be surprised to know sadness or grief is felt there also but in the lung area. Grief manifests in the lungs. Now that you can understand how this works, I want to share a wonderful healing you can do to yourself or others so we can get these trapped emotions out.

I was working with a client. A beautiful single lady who needed to get an emotion out concerning her ex-husband. She had resentment and did not forgive him for things he did in the relationship. This was for her benefit, not his. Trapped emotions were causing physical issues so we needed to release them. I will write all about this in a few days – that is a whole other conversation. But, back to my client. The goal was to recognize, release and transform. Recognize the emotion, release it and transform the energy into something positive.

First, she needed to find the emotion or emotions she was feeling. It was a lack of trust, anger and betrayal. I wanted to shift the emotions into something that would be released and into positive energy for her.

“Tell me about something you are grateful for because of him.” We finally decided she was grateful for her daughter that she had with him. “Now, I want you to go into a room in your mind and say everything you have every wanted to say to him. He cannot reply back but sit there and listen to you.” After many tears, she felt she was done and ready to move on to the healing.

“I want you to pull up that feeling of gratitude and love for your daughter. Create an energy ball in front of you. It can be any color or colors. Now make it big, see it getting bigger with more love and gratitude. Watch as the ball goes up over your head.”

Most people know what a French coffee press is. We are taking that positive energy ball and it is the “press” part. Pushing down the toxic coffee grounds/feelings. You can imagine walking a path as you do this. I told her to visualize the grounds are like fertilizer and as you are walking the path is being fertilized with this sludge which will cultivate a healing garden planted with whatever you want to plant. Emotions of self-pride for the amazing job she is doing raising her daughter or maybe hope for a new relationship and what she wants from that. She said she saw plants and flowers growing behind her as she walked along the path. When I asked her to say his name and tell me how she felt, she said it was neutral and the anger and resentment was not there anymore. Now that she knows about this exercise, she can use it when she is stressed or having difficulties.

If you want to have this as a safe or happy garden, you can do that too. Fill it with colorful flowers or trees. Maybe some butterflies and bunnies. It is yours and only yours to create.

Happy Gardening until next time.