Delete…With Love…

We all know those people, you know the ones who after a conversation you feel drained. They may not even realize they do this but they do. We have a name for them. Energy Vampires.I am not talking about sparkly Edward Cullen either, although that would not be so bad right?  Google it and you will start to name off people that fit that description.  In my past I had many. I felt great before being with them and then I needed a nap and my security blanket after.  I would like to believe that people do not walk around thinking of ways to hurt others but unfortunately there are and you may have some in your life.  If they are business associates or casual friends then you can walk away from the relationship. It really is ok, trust me. Life is not a competition with others. We all have our own path and should respect those on theirs. You don’t even need to give an explanation, you are an adult and can choose who is in your circle.  But if it is family or a close friend and you do not feel comfortable about severing the relationship then this is what you do.

My dear friend Robin said delete, with love. It was like I had a lightbulb go off above my head. Oh yes, delete with love.  What a brilliant way to not take on THEIR opinions.  Next time you are with one of these vamps and you feel yourself losing ground, smile and nod your head. Imagine the words floating from their mouth and into the sky like a trail of balloons.  Try and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as you can. Then as you walk away say to yourself, Delete, With Love.  Let all the feelings and words that they pushed off on to you be deleted. You do not have to hate or be angry, you just need to feel just as great as you were feeling before.  In fact, you should feel even better because you learned to take control of the situation and they did not even have a clue.  Now that is brilliant if you ask me.