Giving Back Without Expectation..

Weekly Coach’s Challenge

This weekly challenge is to give back.  Last week was about making time for ourselves, well this week is about helping those in need.  It does not have to be monetary either. Some of the best things in life are free. A smile, a kind word or a hug. Those are simple pleasures that some people do not receive and we often take for granted.  There are many, many people who are living alone and are just waking up to go to work, then come home to an empty house.  Maybe it is an elderly neighbor, how can you offer some assistance.  Perhaps they need their lawn mowed or you see them carrying groceries.  Help. Do not stand there and watch. We are always looking down at our phones and forgetting there is life out there.

Some ways to give back this week-

Stop and have a short conversation with a co-worker, neighbor or someone in the grocery line. Sometimes just being validated or acknowledged will change a person’s day.

Picking some flowers from your garden and put them on a doorstep of someone who is alone or suffering from depression. Those are the ones who will not ask for help and we need to uplift them.

There are people who are recovering from illness or misfortune and a home cooked meal or a card with some kind words can offer comfort.

Do this without expectation and with gratitude in your heart. There will be a day that you are the one who needs a hug, helping with groceries or just a smile.

Bonus points include your children or children in your family.  This is how we will change the world to a more compassionate and loving society.