Atheism And You

Just thought I’d throw my own two cents into the ring. What do you think?

Sunken Thought

There is a lot of misconceptions about atheism and what atheists are like. I find it is my duty as a human, as an atheist, and as an American citizen to right a few wrongs here. I’ve heard enough slander, and been slandered myself, just for being exactly true to who I am.

An atheist.

Common flawed thought of non-atheists : Atheists have no morals! They are by nature immoral creatures because they don’t believe in God!


I have been often confused for being so moral that I must belong to some extreme cult like religion and that my following of God must be so intense that I would see no other as being able to hold a flame to my candle. Here’s the kicker. I don’t believe in God. I do however believe that all people need to find their own moral compass with which to gain guidance…

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