Idle after Graduation

In today’s world there is a explode on the no. of stuf=dents graduating every year and though there are lot of job opportunities available for the right talent but still these are insufficient for balancing the market. Not only students from lesser known universiies but also the premier institutions are sitting jobless.

Some people take it very negatively that having no job is a nightmare but believe me its not. Infact, if you have nothing no job it is the best opportunity to give some time to yourself. This is when you can indulge yourself in various activities and develop a sense for what is your actual potential and what you really want to do. Not everyone is made to beat there head around the heavy books and have some other passion like music, art, comedy etc. So if you are failing muiltiple times that certainly not your cup of tea. Go ahead and try hands on thousands of other great options available but never give up. These are not just words that feels good to read but it is what i have seen.

One of my friend a class senior to me failed in 11th standard but had intrest in music, dance. So after his schooling he tried hands on dance but no thing much could be achieved. Then he developed his art of stand up comedian and doing a great job. So what success take is time and persistence in what you do. Never give up.

This is the time when you can do what you missed due to studies like travelling, blogging, photography etc. what ever you want. My personal experience is that after garduation i had no job when i did what i always wanted but unable due to college busy schedule. I went for some small travelling (mohitarts), indulged my self into blogging (worldwidecivil) which i wanted to do since my 2nd year) and also took time for my photography love.

And if you want to continue in the studies and job make sure you take out a little time daily to brush up your skills and learn new ones so that your profile stays updated and you have something to show on your resume when the interviewer asks “What you did in the past months when jobless ?” So you should have something to show off !!

So dont sit Idle. Time is like flowing water. Dont waste and do what you love. Also LIKE and SHARE . Make it reach out to those needed.