Increasing patients

These days people viewing the news must be very well aware of the conditions of the patients in the hospitals due to dengue, chickengueinea and other water borne diseases. 

All news channels are covering the worst conditions in the hospitals and are blaming the hospitals. But is it the only one responsible??

The free medicine should be available as per govenment but this is not the actual case. Not only  government but there are more to be held responsible. 

Certainly doctors can come out of their homes irrespective of their scheduled duty timings and do what is in their limits. 

For the hospitals i would say that they are very well aware of such comditions occuring every year so they should be well prepared in advance and keep in contact with the list of doctors so that can be contacted immediately and hired for the time period afterall hospitals make  huge profit throughout the year and this the time to use that money for what hospitals are ment for.

Even if hospitals don’t pay i request all doctors to come out and help the ones those needed and reachout to the places possible to you as the problem persists in all parts of India.

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