Horror In The Streets

Something quite frightening happened tonight. I just had to share it, it was too frightening to keep to myself!

Sunken Thought

Tonight started out not quite like an ordinary night. The girls were exceptionally cranky and irritable, both of them having been exhaustingly tired. We had dinner early tonight, and while they were having dinner, I carried on like I would any regular night. I did my usual nightly call to my mom, pacing outside my front step while smoking a cigarette and drinking a cup of coffee to keep my wits about me. Meanwhile, as my mom and I are talking about this thing and that, a black car, chevy in make pulls up to a building just a little ahead of my own.

I thought nothing of it and continued talking to my mom, when a few minutes later, just as I was about done with my cigarette, the chevy reverses to in front of my building block. Noticing that she was a mom because there was a kid…

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