Fragile: vulnerable, morally-weak deplorables


Red Cedar Trees: fragile, vulnerable

Red Cedars once flourished on the banks of the Cedar River, perfectly adapted to their environment. Sturdy, naturally water-repellent trunks fell prey to 19th-century homesteaders in desperate need of fuel and protection. Conservationists’ targeted efforts now cultivate and protect the remaining, the fragile, the few.

Fragile, vulnerable, deplorable, hungry, crafty, consumers

In the 1600’s, the French identified the population of the vulnerable. The word they used for the morally-weak deplorables was fragile. The fragile were easily consumed by powers in desperate need of fuel for their egos, vices, and greed. The fragile succumbed to the crafty ones who used them up and threw them aside, as the throngs of the crafty increased. The fragile who survived enmeshed themselves with the crafty, becoming part of the hungry machine of those who consumed.

Through the evolution of culture and language, I mourn the loss of the 17th-century French meaning of fragile. I pray that 21st-century voters can find a way to miraculously use our much-revered plethora of knowledge to recover our prey.

Fragile. Fallen prey to the tree of knowledge.