What of Karma, God, Spirituality, and skepticism?


It’s our Karma: learning together.


To read a sampling of my posts, you might guess that I am a skeptic. Maybe a Christian, or maybe not. Perhaps I am a follower of an Eastern religion. Actually, I am none of them. I am also all of them. I am evolving in my understanding of God, life, death, and the loving power that continually creates this universe. I love my little church community. We golf together. We sing together. We laugh, cry, have a glass of wine, and link our arms in an effort to grow our caring circle of influence wherever and whenever we can.

I have a strong sense that we are an integral part of our universe–forever changing–forever together. After our trip to India last year, I became interested in Karma. I can see nothing refutable in the explanation of Karma in the link I’m sharing here. I can’t prove any of it either. Still, it all resonates as probable and intersects with many teachings of Jesus and other great prophets and sages that I’ve learned about over time.

My takeaways: judging is pointless and destructive. Kindness trumps all. Love is an action, not a feeling. Connections multiply the impact of our love–our source of positive energy, motivation, and creation.

Good Karma is good, regardless.

❤ ❤ ❤