Missing Memories

I’d like to read your thoughts on our missing memories.

Sunken Thought

Back in an age, pretty certain it was before I was born, it was an “in” thing to do silly stuff like take photos of your babies bottom being exposed by the family pet, or “stylish” to snap a shot at the most awkward moment of a bath with you and your siblings. Most often these adorable candid camera moments would find themselves in the family photo album fear dear mum or grandmum to show off to your friends and potential suitors, regardless of how much one bemoaned over it.

These days though, such acts are labeled child porn. For those who lived through the age of embarrassing family photos, you know of the funny adorable images I’m referring to and know just as well as I do that no mother worth her grit would actually use such photos as pornographic material. They are family memories! Be it…

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