Be the Purple Leaf…

When I was younger I was a cake decorator at a high-end cake shop that catered to a wide range of clients. Some local celebrities and some well-known celebrities, along with your usual everyday clients.  So when you are working on a $1,000 wedding cake you have to be perfect. I mean perfect. That was in early 90’s so you can imagine what the cost would be now. Well from that I became a perfectionist.

I noticed my daughter was becoming like me, that was a wake-up call.  If things are cluttered or messy we are going around fixing it all the time. My other daughter is definitely not. They used to share a room and were like the Odd Couple Felix and Oscar.  It was amusing to see when my non-perfectionist daughters stuff “crossed” the line in the room like a tidal wave.  You can imagine how that went.

Why am I talking about this? Do you want to see something painful? Ask a perfectionist to relax by coloring in an adult coloring book.  What if you go out of the lines or use the wrong color? I would sit and want to color but the thought of it not being perfect made me put it away. How was that going to relax me? That is when I decided to be the purple leaf.  I colored a tree with fall colors and made 1 purple.  That purple leaf is me.  Standing out in a world I perceive as perfect but without character.  If you really feel bold, how about coloring outside the lines and really be a rebel.  In society we see the botox, plastic surgery, contouring women walking around looking like the models from Robert Palmer videos of the 80’s. A perfect clone of each other.  Life is meant to lived boldly, proudly and without abandon.  Who says we have to fit in or be “normal’? Someone tell me what is “normal” anyways.  Take a giant leap or a baby step but for goodness sakes be the Purple Leaf, or whatever your color is.  Do not let life dim the beautiful unique soul you are.  Seize it and run leaving a colorful path inspiring those finding their true colors.


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