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Happy Gandhi Jayanthi day and Dassarah !

VIEWER’S VIEW oN ENVIUS THOUGHTS is this Sunday story in for your kind read, support and response. This is 621st post.

Following posts were made during the week ended:

1.01/10/2016. 620th. GANDHI JAYANTHI is on OCTOBER second.
2.30/09/2016. 619th. Universe-A chariot on the move Part X
3.29/09/2016. 618th. 28th September World Rabies Day.
4.28/09/2016. 517th. Universe- A Chariot on the Move Part IX
5.27/09/2016. 516th. September 27th-World Tourism Day.
6.26/09/2016. 515th Here are some more of my Haiku Poems on Water.

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