Is Idiocracy Becoming a Documentary?

Here’s a fun one! Check this out when you can!

Memory of the Star

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Around ten years ago, Mike Judge produced a cult classic known as “Idiocracy”. It follows a very basic plot, the world has devolved into a society that is full of unintelligent people. It’s common for people to ask “Is this the direction we’re headed?” Equally common is the all-too-familiar chant of its inevitable onset.

When watching it now, I am always wondering “What’s going to happen? What can we avoid and how?”

Average People, Dumb Culture

Fortunately, one thing we don’t have to worry about is the initial chain of events that caused Idiocracy as a whole to happen.  The beginning of the film presents a scenario where a low IQ man named Clevon outbreeds a high IQ couple. He does this by having affairs with multiple women and recovering from an accident that would normally leave him without the use of his reproductive organs.

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