Accident Prone Motherhood

Are you accident prone? Or do your children make your battle scars?

Sunken Thought

Over the past couple days I’ve managed to pick up some unusual battle scars, either due to my own negligence or because my children decided I needed some color in my cheeks. (that is purely my assumption, as they aren’t fully capable of articulating structured sentences yet.) After thinking on it, I’ve decided that it was worth noting how damage prone I can be. After all, it is rather hilarious to tell and I can only assume it would be funny to read!

It all started Sunday morning. I had written something that actually alluded to today’s post, about how I cannot fathom doing anything prior to cleaning the dishes and sweeping the floors. Remember that? Yea, that was how it started.

I had been putting the plastic dishes away, their home being the cabinet below my microwave. As I had stood to get the pots and pans that…

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