Would you like your posts to be right on target? Then Write-on-target may help!

Monday we’ll begin an exciting new feature on the BMU. At least once each week I’ll share writing tips and suggestions to help us all write better and achieve our writing goals. If you’d like to improve your writing, develop your writing style or build your writing confidence, then our WOT tips and information may help.

What WOT is not

  • WOT is not a creative writing course–Our focus will be totally non-fiction
  • WOT is not a grammar course–although we’ll talk plenty of grammar
  • WOT is not a lecture course–Each post is interactive. You can always reply or comment with questions or suggestions for topics. I will answer all inquiries

What WOT is

  • WOT is a BMU feature that shares writing tips, information and resources to help us all write better.

Here’s an example:

What’s the difference between “affect” and “effect”?  We misuse those two words often. I’m guilty sometimes as well.
Simply stated,  “effect” is a noun and “affect” is a verb .

Example:  Reading has a calming effect on me.

Affect as a verb means “to influence“.

Example: Loud restaurant noise affects my hearing.

Here are a few of the writing tips we’ll be sharing on WOT:

  • 7 tips for writing great post headlines
  • 5 things serious bloggers should not do
  • How to write a bad blog
  • 15 words your followers love to read
  • Adjectives rock! Adverbs suck.
  • Actions speak louder with verbs

Join us on Monday, October 10, Columbus Day, and we’ll jump right into learning stuff to help us all write better.