So Subdued

Wanted to just share my view on the subject, along with some personal experience. My newest post from the Daily Prompt.

Sunken Thought

When seeing today’s daily prompt, I was reminded of a time before I understood what happiness was. If you dared read through any of my poetry, you would know I was a very subdued teenager. A poor poet to boot, but also was diagnosed as manic depressive/borderline suicidal. I’d been instructed by schools guidance counselor to speak with a psychologist for evaluation. Someone with a degree in understanding the workings of the minds of those who are mentally perturbed. He tried to give me some helpful tips of how to cope with whatever it was he thought bothered me, trying to give my emotions rational explanations. It wasn’t until after I started seeing my high school guidance counselor, Mr. Ellis, that I actually made headway in breaking free of the subdued personality that had become the norm.

Strangely enough sometimes all it really takes is having someone who you…

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