All work and no play makes Mliae a dull girl…

Hello all, I’m Mliae and I’m new to the Blogging Meetup 🙂 I was told that we can reblog posts of interest or that shed a light on who we are. This is a short, quite personal post which surprisingly garnered a bit of interest. A peak into my world. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to meeting you all!

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Sometimes, after a super long day, a girl just needs to unwind.

I found myself sitting alone, on the upper restaurant deck of the commuter train. The late evening sunset was gorgeous, and I could finally sink back into my leather seat and take a long deep breathe.

The day had consisted of meetings, marketing plans and a bums rush to the finish line. Maybe a teensy stop off for a fashion fix.

As I sat, I reflected. Then i just let the day slide off me and enjoyed the view.

Ok, this girl needs champagne. Stat. I clacked my way down to the bar and requested a glass and a treat. So rainbow marshmallows they supplied! An unlikely pair, I’ll give you that. But it went perfectly as hands-down, the best comfort food you’re going to get on a train. Perfect.

Now, time to kick back and relax.


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