Dressing Proper

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Sunken Thought

To be frank, I am so tired of people trying to be copycat the fasion styling of the morally apprehensible. We have people trying to dress like singers who have no right being popular! Their vocal stylings are lacking, their vocabulary is somewhere between an idiot and a person who can’t stop swearing endlessly. Not to mention the absolute lack of decorum when going on stage. Take for instance little miss wrecking ball, AKA Miley Cyrus.

If I were her mother, I would be too ashamed to step out in the day light. I know for certain my husband would lock the girl up in a closet and not let her out until she promised to behave more like a lady. I cannot understand what makes that child think she has to run around nude just to get some attention. It breaks my heart seeing the youth of the new…

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