Face value

Just realised the importance of face value and this is a small thought about it.Awaiting your valuable comments…


​Very often we assign a value,greater than who they really are.Simply based on how they dressed, and how they talked and how they dealt on a very fine day.For the moment we encounter someone in life, we unconsciously create a value.Face value.

A look at how Face value works in our economic system points to something worthwhile to note on.In most cases the value printed over currencies by an issuing authority be it a coin or a paper currency is it’s legal value. And so it remains unchanged.

But not so in the case of mankind. The face value we create initially satiates our senses.Travel the road a little more longer and we realize what we issued as the value has drastically changed.

For as life unfolds we understand that senses are not smart as we thought to be. For we sure are easily deceived by cheesy words and graceful…

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