Primp: Daily Post.

A dabble in to poetry today for me. I used to write a poem a day. It’s been years and I was beginning to think I lost my poetry edge…

Passionately Me

Mirror mirror on the wall
Can I be more beautiful or is this all?
How about I cut then dye my hair
primp my skin and use some nair?

What if I tweeze a little here?
Or pluck a little from over there?
If I pinch my cheeks will they glow pink?
I’m not sure mirror, what do you think?

Am I showing enough skin?
Do you think this dress makes me look thin?
Should I let my breasts look succulant?
Does this cover-up make my wrinkles faint?

I’ve manicured my nails and polished my toes,
let my hair down, taken off my panty hose.

Should I eat a little less today?
Suck in my stomach, put it all away.
Or what if I turn a little to the side?
Is it my face that I should hide?

Mirror mirror, what do you see?
Staring straight back at me?

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