What A Pal

My newest post, about two of the dearest friends a person can find.

Sunken Thought

So Suze and I share a friend, recently she had surgery done and I’d been feeling dreadful for not calling and checking in on her. Sure, I had Suze’s posts to look forward to and she has been doing her best to update everybody and all that. I just felt like a terrible friend for not calling sooner! Problem was, I’d reset my phone some couple months ago and lost my contact numbers. I thought I’d saved them to my SD card, but sadly, I’d saved them to my phone like a dunder head. That was my bad. Amazingly enough, Suze, as always, came through! I’d already fallen asleep by the time she messaged me because I took a dose of nyquil due to feeling sick, but when I woke up, I was happy as can be that there on my phone was Angie’s number! 

Excited and ready for the…

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