The political is personal

Where the sidewalk ends and the streets have no name

Like many of my friends, I am very sad today. A dark cloud followed me as I drifted through the day in a haze of sadness and deep hurt. As a Democrat, I would’ve been disappointed losing the White House after 8 years of progress from the amazing family leading our country. But I don’t think I’d be this depressed if any other Republican had wrested control away from my party yesterday. Indeed, I’ve taken this entire election cycle very personally. I didn’t do nearly enough to bring about a different outcome, but I have been quite vocal (and sometimes hateful) about my dislike of the GOP nominee throughout the entire process. Given that this has played out in such a public way, I feel it is time to make my own personal story public. Not in an effort to change anyone’s mind or make them feel guilty, but to offer a…

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