The Creative Blogger Award

I got a freaking award! Holy cow who’d a thunk it!

Sunken Thought


To be honest, I’m astounded this award was given to me, I wasn’t really expecting it when Suze came at me on my homepage and said, “You….yes YOU! Have been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award! go forth and blog about it!” Her on the other hand, she’s a phenomenal blogger. I absolutely adore reading everything she writes and I enjoy our conversations very much! I guess I should get on with it and stop praising her, after all the award is supposed to be about me! Haha.


Okay, so first I’m supposed to thank Suze.

Thank you Suze!!

I’ve probably already put a few links to her blog somewhere around here, there are some directly off to the side of the page if you’re in a browser. If you’ve not checked out her page, I recommend you do so. The woman is always a hoot.


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