Unprincipled Mainstream media distorts truth for profit

Mainstream media routinely publish unsubstantiated, biased stories and call them news. They make some stories up with little regard for facts or truth. They’ve built their reputations by taking innuendo and rumor and writing fairy tales. They call them news. News that reflects their unprincipled liberal bias.

I read a spot-on example of their shameful stock-in-trade bias-wielding journalism in the NewYork Times this week. They took a few genuine, truthful facts, then massaged them and twisted them into a wild, exaggerated distortion of reality that matched their unprincipled bias.

Many reporters I’ve seen and know present themselves as egomaniacal, intellectual elitists. (I call them snobs).

We are foolish to depend on mainstream media any longer to inform us with facts and truth, then allow us to form our own opinions. They use their liberal bias to write news they hope will persuade their readers to adopt their distorted view of things.

To a degree we must take some responsibility for our dilemma. We want to keep up with what’s happening in the world. So we find news sources that most reflect our own world views. Until recently, many of us have taken for granted that mainstream media cared about us and cared about truth and integrity in their profession. But mainstream media integrity is an oxymoron. Their mantra is building readership and selling ads. Writing trumped-up news (pun intended) with little or no regard for facts, truth or integrity in their job is their means to that end.