Born A Patriot

This has been troubling me for a while. What are your thoughts?

Sunken Thought

I’ve been muddling over in my head the past few days about this post. It is a hot button issue, it makes me angry, and many disagree with me about it. To be frank, I don’t care though. A patriot, a true America loving patriot who appreciates the freedoms that our nation give us would stand tall and scream from the mountaintops. Sadly so few have the courage or the sense to see the reality of the problem. I have no such fear of rejection, dismissal, or public hatred. I am too honest a person to care about hurting the special snowflakes of the world. Truth is what it is.

Multiculturalism is great, in moderation. If you look at all the currently prosperous and flourishing countries, there is one predominately common factor. They keep to themselves, enforce their countries laws, and those who immigrate to their country have to emerse…

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