Cry baby job interview

A friend works as an HR chief for a large company. She recorded a job interview with a cry baby generation job candidate. I wanted to share it with you all. For brevity “HR:” will represent her; and “CC:” will represent the cry baby candidate in the interview. A recent college graduate
HR: Good afternoon, Mr. Zirkle. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
CC: Before we begin, can I ask you a few questions?
HR: That’s not how it works, but go ahead.
CC: How much money will I make?
HR: Well, that depeneds on the candidate’s experience and. . .”
CC: Do I have to work past five? My Business Ethics professor told me big corporations like to make people work past five.
HR: Well, we have projects that take longer than we forecast and that takes extra effort, and time, on everyone’s part.
CC: That doesn’t seem fair if the position is salaried. What benefits will I have?
HR: We have a benefits package with life insurance, a matching 401K . . .
CC: Matching? You mean I have to contribute to it?
HR: Why of course. That’s how cororate business works.
CC: Can’t we negotiate that?
HR: I’m afraid not, Mr. Zirkel.
CC: That sounds like capitalistic bullying to me. What if I don’t like my boss? Can I pick anoter boss if we don’t get along?
HR: I’m afraid not again, Mr. Zirkel.
CC: If I get upset and anxious at work, can I take a personal day to help me cope?
HR: Absolutely not, Mr. Zirkel
CC: If I get upset and anxious, then, I’ll have to go to the cry room.
HR: We don’t have any cry rooms, Mr. Zirkel.
CC: No cry room? No cry room? Really?
HR: No. Not one.
CC: [standing up] Well I guess I won’t be working here. Not even a cry room? I’m going to go ask mom and dad for some money and enroll in grad school. At least they have cry rooms on campus.
HR: [shaking Mr. Zirkel’s hand] Thank you, Mr. Zirkel, and have a nice day.