Lessons learned from “My Trending Stories” blogging shysters

I can’t recall a #DD post that received more comments than those about “My Trending Stories” soliciting blog posts from BMU bloggers. Some of us investigated the lazy, unscrupulous, thieving site and discovered, among other things:

  • They lie about giving authors credit for the posts
  • They lie about how they will use the posts
  • They lie about where they publish your blog posts
  • They plaigerize
  • They can not be trusted to be truthful

One blogger replied that she would not share any of her writing from an unsolicited request. That’s good advice, but we can learn from it.
I don’t share unsolicited requests for my writing either. What I have done in the past is share several other bloggers posts with my readers, and they share mine. However, that doesn’t happen haphazardly. We do that only after we’ve developed a personal relationship off line with emails, Skype or phone calls with each other.
I’ve found that builds friendships and solid relationships with other bloggers.
It also beefs up my followers list, and theirs as well. In fact we have a hashtag for that sole purpose called #likefollowshare.
I’ve become vigilant about my blog site and the Internet in general. I want to do all I can to prevent being scammed by hackers and hoodwinked by Internet trolls like My Trending Stories
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