Question about Linking

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about pingbacks, which I am hoping someone who’s more WordPress-savvy than I am (which is pretty much all of you!) can answer.

I got a notification this morning that someone linked to one of my posts.  Cool, right?  I haven’t approved it yet, because when I clicked on the link to the other WordPress site, it seemed not to fit.  It showed my post under another title as having been written by that blogger, and with my words in text as the body of the blog post.  It does show “Source” which links back to my post when clicked.

My post has absolutely nothing to do with what seems to be the subject matter of this other blogger, except one word in its title.  I almost wonder if it’s just someone playing around with a new blog, or just a random mistake this person made, but the words on his (her?) page are definitely mine.  What say you, o wise ones?