#weekendwanderings Agape “I thought I…



“I thought I knew love and then I had you,” is something I often say to my son, and I’m not sure I could express the sentiment better if I tried. I was a wife, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend when I became a mother, and so I was confident I knew love. Surely I loved my husband, family, and close friends. Then my son was placed in my arms and my entire life and prospective on love changed forever.

The moment I first felt my son’s soft, warm, pink skin against my own, I knew I had never known a love so strong, so pure, so unconditional, and I was sure I never would again. It was as if God Himself had placed this beautiful, healthy baby boy in my arms Himself, and I was never letting go. It was both the most Sacred experience and love I’ve ever felt in my entire life, and I’ll be forever grateful for that moment, and all the moments I’ve been Blessed with my son since that day.

Love is defined as, “an intense feeling of deep affection.” This doesn’t nearly describe the experience of love I had, and continue to have, for my son. The Bible defines agape as, “love; the highest form of love/the love of man for God and God for man.” I believe what I experienced with my son was true, Sacred, God-given agape, and I will live everyday thanking God for this Sacred, highest form of love.