Open letter to the mass media

You are not in touch with common folks like me and millions of others out here in middle America. You are shamelessly dismantling the fourth estate, a profession in which I was once proud to belong.

You came to believe that journalists are responsible for correctly analyzing the news, rather than just reporting it. You believe you are responsible for telling us what to think and how to interpret it. You’re supposed to “report” the news, then allow us to decide what we think about it. You have trampled the line between “news” and “editorials”. You have allowed editorial opinions, and your flawed and unreliable analysis, to infiltrate the stories you publish as news.

You rely on “unnamed sources” and “officials who wish to remain anonymous” and “sources close to the story”. To me, that is probably your most disgraceful and egregious practice. What you give us is third hand opinions, not news. Your “anonymous sources” of news you report as facts are filtered through your political or social bias. The result is “news” full of rumors, innuendo and third-party slants, none of which can be substantiated. We can’t call it truth, let alone “news”.

You are painfully and obviously pro Clinton machine and pro Hollywood. The result–middle America and I can’t trust what you print or broadcast anymore. Sadly, you seem unwilling to believe us or change your ways.