The frustrations of audience building.

While I am just starting out with this blog one thing I notice is that despite the views/reads, audience interaction stops right there. (I also track stats using independent, non-WP trackers.)

That is, I know people are visiting the site and individual posts but fail to engage. The frustration is that ‘likes’ do not turn into shares or follows. As a result I have added a sidebar note – maybe it will work – which reads:

Like – Comment – Share – Follow
Thanks for visiting but please do not leave without taking action.
COMMENT: As much as I like your ‘likes’ I would truly welcome your comments. These not only help improve my work but enable discussion on the content of each post.
SHARE: Importantly, I hope you take time share the post with your social media audience.
FOLLOW: And, you enjoy (or not) I would also ask you to follow me. Who knows, there may be something you enjoy in the future.

Put differently, it is frustrating that people – including other bloggers – go no further than ‘liking’ a post or the site which does little in expanding your audience or even interacting with them.

If I ‘like’ another’s work I am most often inclined to share it and ‘follow’ their work. And while I may not be inclined to comment on everything I read I do make comments on some as part of an engagement process with the author.

I am keen to hear your responses to this.