Shopping Trivialities

The things we put up with for those we love. My kids have no idea how much their mommy loves them!

Sunken Thought

After a week of the kids being sick, husband getting sick for a day or two and me being sick for 4 days, there were some things that direly needed picking up from the store! Especially since I had ordered something that apparently couldn’t be shipped and absolutely had to be picked up in store, even though a different size of the same item was shipped to my home. Absolute insanity to expect both items that are the same item but different sizes to be shipped, right? I mean, the audacity of me expecting something like that. Needless to say, I had tried calling repeatedly to see if I could get my husband to pick up the item I had been waiting on to no avail. No one would pick up, until today.


Taking into consideration that I was sick for the past 4 days prior to today, I…

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