Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired!

Has anyone else been sick lately?

Sunken Thought

A phenomenal thing occurred this past week. My girls stayed the night with grandma over last weekend on Saturday. Also conveniently at grandma’s was a poor sick niecey poo of mine. My girls love their baby cousin, so naturally they got sick too. Me being the insane overly baby-obsessed aunty, I just had to have some time with the sweet sick baby too. All seemed fine until Monday night when both girls started exhibiting runny noses and nasal congestion. My poor sweethearts had caught the bug from their cousin, meanwhile my heart was broken because they weren’t feeling well.

After them being sick for two days, I finally started feeling sick around Wednesday. While they were feeling better and improving, I was feeling dreadful and half-dead. While being sick and moody, sniffling and sneezing and between blowing my nose, my girls seemed to become perfectly fine. As of Friday…

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