5 things (and one cardinal rule) serious bloggers should not do

EDITOR’S NOTE: I recently wrote a post about five things serious bloggers should not do. Today I’m adding an iron-clad, cast-in-stone rule: One thing serious bloggers should NEVER do:

Cardinal rule: NEVER write a blog post or reply to one when you’re angry.

I got called on the carpet by my blogging friend Suze for some remarks and tone I used in a post about the rich Hollywood types that were appealing to our electors to switch their vote to someone else besides the president elect, “Stars don’t shine on politics“.

If her comments would have come from anyone else, I probably would have responded with a milk toast “Thank you for your comments” or ignored them completely.  But despite being a card-carrying dingbat, my good blogging friend Suze is intelligent and more thoughtful and articulate than her blog posts would have you believe.

I took her comments to heart. She’s the reason I’m initiating the hard and fast rule about anger I write about here. Many times anger causes us to say (and do) things we would not do were we not angry. Most all the things I’ve done in anger I’ve come to regret.

I won’t allow this space, or my writing on DailyDiscussions to become a venue for venting or retribution or harshly critical remarks about any person or group.

Suze registered her disappointment after I wrote “Stars don’t shine on politics”. Besides encouraging me to create a blogging cardinal rule, Suze’s comments reminded me of my commitment to myself never to write about politics or religion.

Thanks for the two-by-four between my ears, Suze. You’re the best.