Should we listen to Hollywood…

Should we listen to Hollywood “stars“?

Gee, maybe we should be listening to the political and social advice coming from Hollywood B-list star types. I was thinking about them the other day. If we listen to the stars and their endorsements and their political and social advice, then do the exact opposite of what they say and and who they endorse we’ll be better off.
Remember how it went down?. . .

  1. The “stars” voted for and endorsed Hillary Clinton America–1 stars–0
  2. The “stars” supported Jill Stein’s failed attempts to recount the votes in battleground states. America –3 stars–0
  3. The “stars” went on TV to beg electors to change their vote on December 19
    America–306 “stars”–bupkis
  4. As a matter of fact, the “stars’ ” candidate lost four electoral votes.
    Yeah, maybe we ought to listen to those Hollywood

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