Some helpful blogging tips

“There’s a lot of information out there for free, so you’ve got to figure out what makes your information different.”  Matt Wolfe

“For most of human history, all published writing had been carefully inspected, edited, and approved.”Andrew Sullivan

It pays to read other blogs and share what’s good. Daniel James is writing a blog called, appropriately Daniel James.

He writes some good suggestions for bloggers in his blog post, How you can start a blog in 2017. It’s not just about starting a blog. Daniel offers some positive thoughts and considerations for all bloggers, no matter how experienced the blogger.

I’ve already mentioned before that you can write about whatever you want to. This is where you need to get writing and give people content to read. Whether you’re taking pictures, filming videos or just writing a thing or two every now and then, make sure you’re posting content for your audience to see that’ll get them sharing your blog with their friends.
What about what matters the most to you and keep going. Don’t expect lots of readers and everything else straight away. It takes a lot of time and effort, that’s for sure. This kind of applies to all sorts in hindsight. If you fancy vlogging on YouTube then it’s the same sort of thing.

⭐️ Daniel’s Quick Tips ⭐️

  • Make sure you’re content is unique in at least one aspect;
  • Post content often;
  • Add videos, pictures and links to mix things up;
  • Don’t assume you’ll always have readers on your blog;
  • Make your content accessible – use categories and tags;
  • Tell your friends and share your links online;
  • Check out the Daily Post site for more help on blogs as well as writing prompts;
  • Write because it’s fun and because you want to!