A Short Poem Titled Life


I watched you get born,
Bringing tears of joy to some,
And echoes of laughter to most,
Your tiny hand grasped what it could,
Your eyes bulged in response to light,
Your heart struggled to beat on its own,
And your tears brought nothing but joy.

I watched you say your first words,
I was there when you took those first steps,
Uprooting all that stood in your way,
Your teeth glowed like snow on a pink palette,
Bringing smiles to those who looked,
You blossomed from a seed into a flower,
Attracting butterflies all the journey through.

I watched you bring life in,
Taking the bold steps of motherhood,
Beaming the smiles you gave a while ago,
Wondering for the future that was yet unknown,
Guiding the much you should and could,
Weeping what all that was done and said,
Hoping for the best in all to come.

I watched you advance in age,
Watching the ancient process repeat,
Cuddling those from the life you brought,
Giving advice the best way you could,
Smiling as you reminiscenced of all that was,
Wondering if she ever did the same,
Thankful for all that is and was.

I watched you breathe your last,
Bringing tears of sorrow to all,
Creating a hole so wide to fill,
Uniting a lot from far and wide,
Songs of praises and tributes sang,
In all my presence was yet unfelt,
Watching in silence as time went by.

Poem by Agwah Michael Sledge (247NewsUpdate Blog)