Love child

I am child born of love. My parents loved me so much they transferred all the love they had for each other to me, that’s why they broke up soon after my conception. So I am a love child as I always tell people.

There were times when being a love child wasn’t fun though, like having two addresses and splitting the holidays and listening to my mother bitch about how my dad had ruined her life!!! I am so over that though. This brings me to hat I want to write about today. Love is what happens between two people!!! Only two people!! 

My mother got married 10 years ago. I was 19 at the time and just didnt make sense. Why are you getting married so late? What were you waiting for? Who is this loser anyway? (Growing up with my awesome dad meant every other guy in the world was a loser). My invitation to the wedding was revoked after I told her she was just getting married because all her friends were married! She didn’t speak to me for 6 months.

6 months later we made up because my dad forced me to apologize. I found out this loser had beaten her so bad she couldn’t walk properly. I hated him even more, but had to do it in silence cause I didn’t want her to not speak to me again. He even even beat up my little brother he had to relocate to the village. When i was older she told me she was leaving him but will only leave for 3 days and go back. The other day I heard from her friend  she had attempted suicide, I was so angry!!! Angry at myself for not doing enough and at her- cause at that moment she became selfish and forgot she had children that need her!!!! How dare she!!!! We had to find her a place to stay and move her things. Funny enough she went back to him after that!! I couldn’t believe it! I told myself I will never get involved! Ever!!

Two months later he poisoned her, I had to move her to my house to recover and again I got her a place to stay and moved her stuff! She has been staying there for a year. I asked her to initiate divorce, she promised she would. Two days later she tells me how much she loves her husband and how lonely she is and that God doesn’t approve of divorce. She has to get back together with him cause she just can’t go to hell!Today she is moving back to the house they share! And he has changed apparently, found God and all that stuff!

Whats a daughter to do? We can love people but we can’t save them from what we think is harmful to them, only they can do that. So I told her, while I don’t support your decision I won’t stop you! I love you and that’s it. I won’t stand in the way of your happiness.

The love child is all grown up now and understands that she is only responsible for her own path. I get nervous though when I hear stories of abuse and murder in the hands of spouses but what can a girl do? 10 years and no change? What could I really do???

Love child