Darkness within

Slowly I started to slip down the hill

feeling every movement, thought and fear

But nothing within my grasp could help

to stop me descending from those I hold dear

The darkness approached as I saw the abyss

as the pain grew inside but nothing amiss

No reason, no action, no disaster created

the loneliness inside that churned and berated

The voice in me just tortured and shouted

whilst I fell to the bottom, numb and disjointed

Nothing down here feels real or alive

with every last breath my rational thoughts die

No sound, no touch, no smell can reach me

as I struggle to fight the demons that beat me

All I dream for is light, love and laughter

but the place I reside grows deeper and darker

Time has no meaning as I crawl slowly forwards

battling to live until any little hope whispers

Branches appear, so small, yet defined

I grasp them and pull myself upwards inclined

I sit now still, quiet and deep breathing

as the light on my cheeks begin to heat me

People still around, I sigh with relief

I have managed to survive this terrible thief

Next time it beckons, I can only pray

that my family and friends will hear my every say

And hug me so tight that darkness can’t fall

since the shadows of depression can hide in us all