I stayed silent…

It may not be today. It may not be this year. But someday you will be strong enough to battle your demons.

Passionately Me

For ten years I stayed silent, holding in the pain and abuse you used on me and burrowing it deep within my soul. I became a master at hiding away my innermost feelings, quieting my cries for help until suddenly I couldn’t do it anymore. For the decade I spent with you I endured not only physical but verbal and emotional abuse and I can’t remember a single time you apologized. Not of your own accord. I remember each and every bruise, how I got it, how you responded. I recall all the times I cried for help, only to be met with silence. Or what’s worse, I remember each time I sought help, only to change my story or recant my statement. Never have I ever went all the way.

I feel like an empty shell right now. After you hit our five year old and then preceded to…

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