D. L. B

Dream Desire Achieve

Regrets, remorse, guilt and gloom haunts the mind
When it dwells on the mistakes and mishaps of the past
Sighs and brooding on would-haves and should-haves
Cheerless countenance and hung shoulders overshadow the day
An engrossed mind in a barrage of thoughtless thoughts
Overworked and fatigued, the senses go numb;
Looking back drowns the soul in a deep miry pit of sorrows
For therein lies dejection, depression, doubts and despair
Promise springs up, like a garland of exotic roses,
On the soul whose vision is focused on the morrow
Though anguished and helpless about the past,
Undaunted and undeterred it maximises the future;
Discovery of untapped possibilities ignite the core recess of the mind
New days and new expectations accelerates the body to its maximum gear
Feet hurtle with gleeful frenzy, eyes sparkle with passionate zeal and zest.
An erased memory on the mistakes of yesterday-
An effective channel…

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